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I enjoyed realizing that I was doubly reducing stress, both by beer drinking and meditation - also mindfully trying to reduce stress had an effect as well. I liked that clear channels were provided to stay connected.
Beer Meditation Testimonial
Lyle, The Facebook Page 'Beer'
California, United States
If, like me, you struggle with the concept, this is really worth a try and a great way to spend some quality silent, alone time with your pet.
Cat Meditation Testimonial
Lauren McDonald & Smudge
Caloundra, Australia
I really enjoyed just savouring the Macaron and taking the time to breathe between mouthfuls. I will have to practise a bit more to make the Macaron last the distance but I enjoyed the sensory experience.
Macaron Meditation Testimonial
Meredith Silvester
Sydney, Australia
What a wonderful way to take time out our busy lives and concentrate on the moment. No distractions, no rushing about. To stop and appreciate what you have along with with your faithful companion.
Dog Meditation Testimonial
Sue Hart
Sydney, Australia
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